Phone2Location Android Application


Phone2Location identifies location of Incoming/Outgoing Calls and your PhoneBook Contacts.
It automatically displays/notifies you about the geographic location(Country/State/City) of Incoming/Outgoing phone numbers.
It will also display the time of last communication with that phone number.
It enables you to browse your PhoneBook Contacts sorted by their geographic location (Country/State/City).


  1. Displays location(Country/State/City) of Incoming / Outgoing phone number.
  2. Displays time of last Communication with that phone number.
  3. Browse PhoneBook Contacts sorted by geographic Location (Country/State/City)
  4. Notification about geographic location(Country/State/City) of Incoming Calls.
  5. Can be used as Mobile Number Tracker to find from which Country/State/City/Telecom Operator a mobile number belongs to.
  6. View Recent Call Log/PhoneBook Contacts with geographic location(Country/State/City)
  7. View operator details for all numbers.

Which countries are supported?

USA, Canada, India, United Kingdom(UK)
We are working on addding new countries.


Download the android application on Google Play store by clicking the link below.

Get it on Google Play




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